Libidinal Economy of Theory and Theoretical Intensities I

Yesterday, at work again, and finished the draft translation of the ‘Presentation’. My plan is now to go through it and annotate, picking out, as ‘translation problems’, or as translator’s notes, the salient problematics or conceptual nodes that might merit further discussion, or suggest ways in to what is emerging as the nexus of theory and libido. We could call it the libidinal economy of theory.

In the meantime, following up on a slight reference in the Presentation, going to do some work on a ‘Klossowski dossier’. Why? 2 reasons: the term/concept ‘suppôt’, derived from his work (Nietzsche et le cercle vicieux, and La Monnaie vivante) is important in R13 and especially R14, for Fourquet. It is equivalent to the ‘subject’ but avoids the Cartesian legacy and suggests something more like ‘henchman’… So here is a concept at work. Second, while only a minor mention to some extent, the more one looks the more Klossowski’s influence appears crucial for a whole range of thinkers, inc. Deleuze, Foucault, Lyotard… This seeps in to R13 in the form of a ‘theory of intensities’.

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