La toupie folle / The mad spinning top

December 1973 saw the publication of issue 13 of the journal Recherches, founded among others by activist and philosopher Félix Guattari in 1965. The issue was the outcome of a collective project undertaken by members of CERFI (Centre for Institutional Research, Education and Formation) on ‘collective equipment’, and bore the title The Genealogy of Capital: the Equipments of Power.

These pages offer an account of a research project focused on Recherches 13, including a focus on the conceptual apparatuses it deployed, the multiple contexts surrounding the issue, and the research process involved.

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The project would not have been possible if the journal Recherches had not existed as a tool for CERFI to publish and disseminate its on-going research, without the support of Anne Querrien throughout the years, the kind help from Florence Pétry at Editions Recherches, and the work that preceded ours by colleagues such as Godofredo Enes Pereira, Andy Goffey and Stuart Elden.


  1. The Right to Research – Event in June (21st April 2023)
  2. Further thoughts on the right to research (15th July 2022)
  3. "The Right to Research" and a Further Spin (23rd May 2022)
  4. Blog Spin (25th February 2022)
  5. Notes to transfer (?) (9th February 2022)
  6. Reflecting and Adjusting (14th December 2021)
  7. A Communist's Objection II (5th November 2021)
  8. A Communist's Objection I (25th October 2021)
  9. Libidinal Economy of Theory and Theoretical Intensities II (4th October 2021)
  10. Libidinal Economy of Theory and Theoretical Intensities I (1st October 2021)
  11. Analytic Practice? (30th September 2021)
  12. Shifting perspectives; Double Consciousness II (29th September 2021)
  13. Shifting perspectives; Double Consciousness I (28th September 2021)
  14. Taking a Step Back; Broad Issues (20th September 2021)
  15. Educational Equipment and Militant Interventions (15th September 2021)
  16. The Plans (9th August 2021)
  17. Medical Equipment (6th August 2021)
  18. The Genealogy of Collective Equipment (5th August 2021)
  19. Nietzsche Joins the Party (3rd August 2021)
  20. From Urbanism to Territory (10th July 2021)
  21. Urbanism, Bibliographical Notes and Liane Mozère (9th July 2021)
  22. The Pragmatic Genealogy of Concepts: Starting Points (30th June 2021)