Reflecting and Adjusting

(trying to write this to self-reflect on the work) -- incomplete

This is my first blog entry 5 months into the beginning of the project. Patrick has been working more diligently than I have. We have created this way of working together whereby we can work together being apart. We have a shared dropbox which means that whenever Patrick or I change something in one of the files the other one receives a notification. Sometimes that prompts me to see what the changes are and my mind drifts back into the project each time this happens. We also meet periodically either in person or on teams. When we meet in person we might speak about other things that do not relate the project directly but that inform our way of working. This has been a difficult term. This is the third year of the covid now and we are all trying to adjust to new ways of life. Recherches 13 and the philosophical, political and social conjuncture that surrounds it does not cease to become a site of fascination for me.

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