A Communist's Objection I

Back to Pragmatic Genealogy after a bit of a lull during which I’ve been still obsessively excavating the ‘Klossowski dossier’. Other factors in ‘affective life’ have also intervened. One more general insight occurred to me – I met with my friend Gavin Bowd last week, in the Coach and Horses in Soho. Gavin is a Communist, or at least knows a lot about the history of the PCF. I described the R13 project to him, and he suggested that it had some resonance with the Nouveaux philosophes! What a horrible thought! That R13 could be aligned with what I think of as a kneejerk reaction to Marxism, and part of the dismantling of the Marxist framework. But reading Fourquet’s R14 there are certainly resonances. It reminds me that I should carry on with that.

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